• Duraplat3-d­™ Extruder Nozzles

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  • With today's myriad availability of material types and specialty filament, why be limited to just brass nozzles? To address the growing needs of our customers we've now expanded our nozzle offerings from not only Brass but also to high-heat transfer Aluminum and tough-as-nails Tool Steel. Our nozzle size offerings currently include .3mm, .4mm, .5mm, .6mm, .8mm, and 1.0mm.  We stock over 3,000 nozzles so you never have to worry about getting the one you need!  


    Our Elite series nozzles are the same brass base metal that we've been making for 2 years but we've improved our Duraplat3-d™ plating process to produce the hardest surface finish possible (almost 70 Rockwell). These are still a perfect replacement for OEM nozzles and great for all around printing.


    Our new Apollo series nozzles are made from the toughest alloy 7075 aircraft aluminum. A step up from the Elite series, these offer 60% more heat transfer than brass nozzles and better wear resistance.


    Finally our new Hercules series nozzles are manufactured using heat treated A2 tool steel which has been hardened completely throughout. With 50% better heat transfer than stainless steel nozzles, these are the clear cut choice for printing the harshest and most abrasive filaments like carbon fiber and metallics.  Based on testing, wear resistance can be 25x to 100x or more than a standard brass nozzle. 

    It is important to P3-d that you have the best extrusion experience possible with our products! We have confidence that our products will meet or exceed your expectations, and we are backing that up with a full refund if you're not satisfied. Our products are the best on the market because we don't compromise quality. In 2013 we developed our proprietary Duraplat3-d™ plating to upgrade our own Makerbot printer nozzles. By fellow makers' word of mouth and online referrals we've grown substantially, and since then we've had numerous competitors try to duplicate our nozzle experience. We've always stayed one step ahead by pushing the envelope, improving our technology, and releasing new product lines, so that you can have complete confidence in your purchase from Performance 3-d.

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  • Duraplat3-d­™ Extruder Nozzles
  • Duraplat3-d­™ Extruder Nozzles

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