• t-glase by Taulman3D


  • This is a strong, clear filament of PETT plastic. T-Glase is short for tough glass.

    Printing Temperature: The ideal printing temperature is between 214°C and 224°C, but it will print as low as 207°C and as high as 235°C

    Printing Surface: It sticks well to blue tape.

    Tips: Try printing with the fan off and you might need a lower Z height to get your first layer to stick the best. It absorbs water, so keep it in a dry bag with desiccant.

    The spool size is 5in dia x 2.8in wide with a 0.75in hole.

  • $62.00 SGD

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  • t-glase by Taulman3D
  • t-glase by Taulman3D

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