• Alloy 960 - Super Strong Filament with Carbon Fiber


  • Alloy 960 is a measurable advancement in 3D Printing materials technology from taulman3D.  Again, Alloy 960CF will also support the automotive industry as well as those that need an extremely hard yet durable material. Alloy 960CF was developed to support large to extremely large parts where shrinkage or warping would otherwise be an issue. With the increasing sophistication of Printers and slicing software, users are finding more requirements to print large enclosures, shrouds and structural components. These parts are usually thin but have large surface angles as well. The 960CF Carbon fiber has the tendency to “visually mask” layer lines while maintaining strength. In applications where rather long parts are needed or parts that need to handle a “cantilever” type strength requirement, 960CF is an excellent solution. The quality of Alloy 960CF is tightly regulated in that the compounding is performed at the Chemical mfg shortly after the batch process. This insures a constant compound from start to end of a spool as well as from spool to spool over years of printing.


    A High temperature Alloy 910 base with a <10% of Cut Carbon Fiber
    Tensile = 91MPa
    Elongation = 8% - 10%
    Izod Un-notched = 690J/m
    Printing temperature = 270C – 280C
    Bed temperature = 50C – 80C
    HDT = 111C

    Print Bed = Garolite Black (Please email us for the plate, we have them in stock).

    Shrinkage = 0.0031   in/in
    Transmission = 50%
    Color = Subtle Amber - May be dyed with acid based dyes.


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