News / Replicator 2X

  • Printing of Cup using PCTPE

    To test our PCTPE filament, we decided to print a cup design downloaded from Thingiverse Cup. Thing: 49834. The output is very good and the printer used is Replicator 2X with heated bed and glass plate. Heated bed temperature set to 40 deg C and glass plate lightly coated with UHU glue stick. Extruder temperature is 230 deg C similar to normal ABS printing temperature. Print it with open top and sliced using Simplify 3D software. Printing in progress. Print results: Printed cup with the PCTPE spool.

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  • Advanced 3D Printing Material Store

    We are happy to launch our Filaroll Online Store. Our store carries advanced 3D printing material such as Ninjaflex from FennerDrives, PET+ from MadeSolid and Nylon filaments from Taulman3D. We have tested these materials extensively using our own 3D printers. We have the experience on how to use these materials and will share with our customers configuration and settings such as extruder temperature settings, build-plate type and temperature. We have also encountered many issues related to the usage of these materials such as warping, not sticking to build plate. Each of these materials are unique in their applications and better than...

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