• 3D printed LED light cover with t-glase

    One of our project is to print LED light cover with transparent material suc as t-Glade from Taulman3D. The result is exceptionally good and we can create light path for custom structure. The material used is t-Glase clear and here is the outcome.

    The outcome is good as we need to make holes between the LED and light must be bright enough to see in daylight. Bottom layer is limited to 3 layers and printing temperature is set to 240 degC. Printing higher temperature produces more opaque layers. Print speed is about slightly slower than normal printing of ABS or PLA approximate at 80% of printing speed. We used Makerbot Replicator 2 as well as CloneR1 from Carl Raffle ( 

    Here is the print out before putting LED inside.

    We printed 2 parts with top cover and back cover. TOP cover is printed and mounted with LED stripes on two rows. Cable outlet holes is at bottom layer. Then the two layers are joined together. The back cover is then sealed to allow mounting to wall. 

    Here we demonstrated that we can easily create housing for LED stripes as well as creating light path using the right filament. To see the filament we used, go to our Taulman product page.

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