• More High Strength And Easy to Print Material on Our Store

    We have great news to all our customers as we are now stocking more high strength material such as Alloy 910 and Nylon 230 from Taulman as well as new flexible filament from MadeSolid. We also have BuildTak sheets in limited stock for customers who wanted to try out printing of nylon on cold plate. We have tested using BuildTak with some PVA (UHU glue mix with some water) on cold plate and able to print successfully. The same setup can be used to print PLA, ABS on cold plate without warping. PLA and ABS may stick too hard if your nozzle is very close to the plate. To remove the parts, just run the build plate through some hot water to soften the glue and use spatula such as Cricut spatula. Just a nudge then the parts will pop out. It is important the your build plate must be removable.

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