• Deflection Temperature Testing of Plastics

    We have been constantly asked by our customers on the temperature of our plastics materials can withstand.

    To answer this questions, we have obtained a standard temperature list based on common materials as well as compared to our store supplied materials. Deflection temperature means that the plastics will deform or change shapes under certain temperature as well as within the given pressure. In high pressure environment, plastics will deform faster when temperature rises. So it is critical to choose the correct material for your intended applications.

    From the chart below, it is clearly showed that nylon typically has higher deflection temperature compared to ABS. (Source)


    Deflection Temperature

    at 0.46 MPa (°C)

    Deflection Temperature

    at 1.8 MPa (°C)

    Melting Point (°C)

    ABS 98 88 -
    ABS+30% Glass Fiber 150 145 -
    Acrylic 95 85 130
    Nylon 6 160 60 220

    Nylon 6 + 30% Glass Fiber

    220 200 220

    PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)

    70 65 250

    PET + 30% Glass Fiber

    250 230 250
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