• Printing Taulman Bridge Filament on Replicator 2

    Here are my notes on printing of Bridge filament from Taulman3D. I tried it on Makerbot Replicator 2 with UHU glue stick and heated build plate. According to Taulman, there is no need for heated build plate.

    My settings are as follows:

    Extruder Temperature: 245 deg C

    Printing Speed: 40mm/s

    Platform Temperature: 70 deg C

    Thin layer of UHU stick glue on the surface.

    Platform heated nicely….


    Printing time...


    And after 15 minutes, a strong and rugged part is ready..



    Verdict: Part printed using Taulman Bridge is very strong, good layer bonding and more flexible compared to ABS. It is very rugged and will not delaminate easily. It sticks to the platform very well and no warping occurred. If you encountered trouble removing the part from the platform because of the UHU glue has dried, just remove the build plate and wash it with some water to dissolve the glue. After that, the part can be removed from the platform easily.


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